Thursday, December 9, 2010

Criss Cross Directory - Using Reverse Directory In Searching People

By Farra Clides


Another word that best describes coining reverse phone lookup is Criss Cross Directory. In criss cross directory a user looking for more information on another person basing on his or her phone number will have to use an online service like this. Unlike other directories that work the other way around where user will use name and address of the person they are searching for to have that person's phone numbers criss cross directory is the opposite.

Here, users will use contact numbers of the person they are searching for to have more information on that certain person. There are two ways to search using these directories, using an address or using telephone numbers. In using the address, this is applicable if users only have the address, street or city of the person they will search. To do the search, simple type the address in the search field and then click the "search" button and then if it is in the database and there's a match then the site will display a name and phone number that matches the search.

Criss Cross directory is not only good to use in searching more information on a person but it is also suitable in doing a background check of a particular person. Information that can or may affect your perception on that person can be found via criss cross directory. Having enough information on a person before dealing with him or her and knowing if he or she is good and bad to deal with is a big advantage to you and that is what criss cross directory provides.

This directory is most useful when the users have really no idea about the owner of a certain number. This helps users know the name of the contact number's owner or even their address in case they don't know. Sometimes this directory offers more information about a particular person, allows users to know the phone carrier of the person they are looking for, person's criminal records, divorce records and other relevant records of that person that are available in public.

There are other directories of criss cross that are free but mostly they have a charge fee for their services. Those that are free provide limited information to the users which make information not enough and not satisfying. Paid directories offer more valid and satisfying information on a particular person that users are looking for.

People that would likely benefit from this directory are those credit investigators, employers looking for more workers since they are the ones who would likely need to have more information on who they'll be looking for.


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